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Your role with Rockin’ Rollers:

Co-Owner, Music Events Director, Host, Facilitator/Songwriting Workshops, Project Leader & Production, Talent Coordinator, Community Outreach.

What’s your expertise?

Songwriting, Performance, Marketing, Promotion, Production.

Where did you get your training? 

Apart from 3 years of piano and 2 years of percussion as a tween, I’m a self-taught guitarist, songwriter, and recording artist with over 30 years of professional experience writing, recording, touring, marketing. I have musical history with artists as diverse as Sammy Hagar, Stiv Bators (Lords of The New Church, Deadboys), Howard Stern, Dramarama, Gene Loves Jezebel, Chef Bobby Flay.

Tell us something about you in only one sentence. 

I’m a blue collar Jersey boy who likes to laugh, love, observe, and process life through music, poetry, pottery, storytelling, and painting.

When you aren’t at Rockin’ Rollers where are you most likely to be found? 

Performing with my band Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs, touring and recording, spending quality family time with my wife Gigi and our sons Drayke and Myles.

Where is your favorite place in the world? 

Sierra Madre of course! (Camden, London is a close second, Bucks County Pennsylvania third).

What is something you are especially proud of?

My sons… Myles for his passion for professional acting and musical theatre, and Drayke for the strides he continues to make as a teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, and Learning Differences.

What is your favorite book? 

I’ve always considered myself more of a writer, than a reader. When I do read books, I devour bios and autobiographies mainly on my heroes, musical and otherwise, to learn about their struggles, to help understand them, to study them and how they’ve achieved success, and to find similarities and lessons from their journeys.

What is your favorite holiday?

I love Christmas time, I’m still a big kid at heart! The whole season starts at our house with the build up to Halloween, thru Thanksgiving feast and finally arriving at Christmas with Santa Claus, Solstice, Yule, and Oak and Holly Kings.

What’s your schedule at Rockin’ Rollers?

I am primarily available for consultations, workshops, and events, or other appointments. My in-shop schedule varies.


Songwriting   Piano   Drums   Bass   Ukelele   Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)

Hourly Sessions

$30 / 30 Minute Session
$45 / 45 Minute Session
$60 / 60 Minute Session

Tuition Packages

$120 – four / 30 minute sessions
$180 – four / 45 minute sessions
$240 – four / 60 minute sessions

Rock Band / Ensemble

$100 – four 1 hour sessions (per student, 3 student minimum per class)

Students apply what they are learning and develop songs in a band setting with friends and other students.
We strive to pair students with peers that are of equal proficiency on their instruments. Kids and Adults alike are
encouraged to get involved in assembling the perfect rock band line-up!

We also facilitate with:
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